NTS is your trusted technology partner.
Governments and enterprises count on us to deliver quality solutions for automating business processes and advance analytics solutions.

Government Solutions

NTS provides software technology expertise to help government entities to efficiently meet their missions. We partner with governemt ministries to deliver complete end-to-end services to develop, deploy, train and maintain technology solution specific to each countries needs in the following ares:

  • Automate visa and immigration management process and fee processing.
  • Build self-service education and training solution for citizens.
  • Collaborate with industry to train citizens and manage job boards.

Financial Services

NTS provides custom applications for various banking and financial services organizations in the following areas:

  • Account application automation that includes AML/KYC.
  • Merchant/Supplier Line of Credit automation platform.
  • Regulatory workflow automation.

E-Commerce Analytics

NTS can provide custom analytics dashboards that provide businesses with aggregated information and analytics across all on-line sales channels. Allows our clients to manage predict inventory and sales analytics in real-time.

We are driven by values

  • We deliver quality software, not hacked solutions.
  • We aim to be your partner, not a vendor.
  • Do what’s in the best interest of our clients and employees.

Let’s work together on your next technology project!